The Equine Therapy Network is a centralized resource for anyone who is looking for equine assisted therapy or therapeutic services using horses in the 50 United States. If a provider or facility uses horses to improve the lives of people, they can be found within this Directory. Equine assisted therapy programs offer a range of services that address the needs of those with physical, mental, emotional or behavioral disabilities. Horses are also used to facilitate Corporate Team Building activities and Relationship Counseling. Many programs utilize therapeutic riding models while others work with clients exclusively on the ground with the horses. Some programs offer both models of riding and non-riding sessions. Contact a program near you to inquire about their programs and the populations that they serve every day. You can learn more about the national and international associations who facilitate the certification, continuing education and ethics for professionals in the field of equine assisted therapy and therapeutic programs by visiting our Educational Resource Page. The Equine Therapy Network does not endorse any specific association or model of therapy. Find a facility or provider near you to learn more or schedule a session today.